The Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Awards 2017

5th October, 2017 - Park Royal on Pickering, Singapore

The Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Awards 2017

Judges tips


Write on target

Answer all the criteria and where possible use data to back up your answers. You can write four paragraphs of beautiful prose on why your company is so amazing BUT if you were asked to talk about your use of social media or employee engagement then you’re wasting your time.

Original and concise

Don’t copy and paste text from your website – it is noticeable when this happens as the entry doesn’t feel focussed. Always try and keep to the word count stipulated - long entries are a turn off for judges.

Back up your achievement

Demonstrate real innovation and show you are making a real difference to your clients, your candidates and the markets which you serve. You should be able to offer actual evidence from your business that you are outperforming the rest of the market – don’t just tell the judge about your business, convince them.

Pack a punch

Fill out the application like you mean it – really go to town on writing impressive answers that are compelling for the judge. Links out to web pages and information can work well, but don’t overdo it – the application should not be over complicated. Bullet points can work well for answering questions in a concise and informative way.

Plain speaking

Be careful of using jargon. The judges are well versed in all things recruitment but strange acronyms can still appear and either slow down or confused the judge entirely.

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