The Global Recruiter UK Industry Awards 2018

21st June, 2018 - Café de Paris, London

The Global Recruiter UK Industry Awards 2018

For the past nine years, The Global Recruiter Industry Awards has celebrated the best of the best in recruitment. While recognising great performance in the sector, the awards have also promoted the winners, leading many successful companies to find new clients, new partners and new opportunities.

These unique Awards identify the high flyers and innovators in the industry – the people and organisations who have made a stand-out contribution to recruitment in the past 12 months.

“I think the Awards are seen as a very important barometer and parameter in the industry. It’s a tough industry; there are a lot of very good people in it, and to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else through a score card of independent judges is quite an achievement.” - David Gallaghan, Centralus Plc

The Awards are totally free to enter. This is a critical element of the Awards since it means that the smallest and newest players in the industry have the chance to be recognised alongside established organisations.

Finalists will be invited to join us to celebrate the achievements at the spectacular Cafe de Paris in London for what is always a fabulously fun afternoon.

“It’s probably one of the best awards we could win, because we are new, we’re only 2 years old, and to be acknowledged for being the best of so many great businesses starting at the same time is amazing.” - Jack Rawcliffe, JDR Energy: Winner of Best Newcomer

“I think it’s always important to measure yourself off against the rest of the industry to see how you’re doing against your competition.” - Charles Daw, 6Cats International

The Global Recruiter Industry Awards 2018 - honouring the industry's finest.

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