The Global Recruiter UK Summit 2018

8th March, 2018 - 30 Euston Square

The Global Recruiter UK Summit 2018


From skill shortages to zero hour contracts, the UK labour market is a complex one where flexibility balances between the supply of skills and protecting workers. What will the future labour market require and how ready are employers to adapt to get the skills they need?

The World Employment Confederation believes recruiters have a real and evolving role in bringing work to employees and making talent accessible and effective for employers. There are social and business benefits to be deliver by the recruitment and staffing industry. Annemarie's presentation will centre on social innovation and how the recruitment industry can support workers and businesses in an evolving labour market.

Advances in technology and the digital sector are shifting the way we interact with the world and with each other, driving constant changes and shifts in human behaviour. With 2018 tipped to be the year when recruitment will be driven by big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, what do recruiters need to do to stay ahead of the curve?

Covering topics such as Google Jobs, AI, Candidate Relationship Management and the move from "advertise and apply" to "find and engage", Dave Hazlehurst, a partner at employer brand agency Ph.Creative will lead this session, with an overview of how to fuse the best use of technology with great candidate experience to find great talent.  

A panel discussion featuring HR experts discussing their talent needs and requirements and how they feel those demands can best be met. Part panel discussion, part Q&A this is a chance for delegates to hear and question the people at the frontline of getting talent into the workplace.

Panellists to be confirmed

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