Freelance Day

A day to celebrate freelancers and workplace flexibility.

Freelance Day

UK & Europe


Wednesday 21st November is National Freelancers Day, an initiative which has been designed to promote the flexibility of input required by many business. The day has been created by PCG (Professional Contractors Group Ltd) and hopes to raise awareness of freelance use on the one hand and what you need to do to be a freelancer on the other hand. 

Tom Walker, employment law partner at Manches Solicitors, says: "It benefits not only businesses but also individuals who have chosen a flexible life servicing clients rather than a "boss". So long as businesses do not, for reasons of tax or employment rights, attempt to pressurise genuine employees, i.e. those persons with a regular working pattern at the core of their business and under their control, into an artificial freelancing arrangement then yes, as the Professional Contractors Group says, it is a day to celebrate."


Meanwhile, research from online accountants Crunch Accounting shows that 47 per cent of all UK freelancers would never be tempted back to the office. The survey  asked UK freelancers how they might tempted back to the workplace. Although many said that they would never go back, the most appealing lures were more flexible working hours (18 per cent), more money (13 per cent) and more control (eight per cent). 

Jon Norris, web editor at Crunch Accounting and Freelance Advisor commented: “It’s great to see that freelancers are motivated to stick to building their own businesses despite the unsteady economic climate. The impact on business could be significant as so many people are taking valuable skills out of the workplace, seemingly never to return.”



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