Careers for Kids

Adecco survey reveals children's hopes for their careers.

Careers for Kids

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According to the seventh annual Adecco Children's Career Survey becoming a chef is now the new top career choice amongst 7-14 year olds. Last year the survey, conducted by Adecco Singapore found being a teacher to be the top choice. The findings also revealed that 82 per cent of children surveyed believe that it is more important to spend time with family than it is to be making lots of money.

The results of the survey may well have been influenced by the Junior MasterChef Australia TV programme as well as the general increasing interest in food and new restaurants sprouting up all over Singapore. Many respondents said that it was fun that aspiring chefs get to cook at amusement parks and famous landmarks. Those surveyed had monthly expectations ranging from S$100 to S$10,000,000.

Becoming a doctor has always featured prominently in the survey and and was again popular with four per cent of those surveyed wanting to pursue a career in medicine. Elsewhere in the survey a pair of 12-year old twin sisters aspired to be royal wedding planners, revealing themselves to be ardent fans of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, whilst a nine year old boy wanted to be the future “President of the World". A number of the children surveyed stated that they wanted to be actresses because "it's fun to dress up and perform". 


Salary aspirations stretched from ten billion dollars for being a top chef, to earning "S$20 and free Kinder Buenos" by being Superman.

The Top Five "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up" Jobs, as identified in the survey, are: Chef, doctor, teacher, nurse and pilot. In general the career choices made suggested that the children were keen to think of others and to provide support where possible by taking on roles such as becoming animal helpers and veterinarians, surgeons, nurses, police officers, social workers and firemen.

"The results of this survey have always been interesting and we see the children becoming more adventurous in their responses,” said Lynne Ng, Regional Director, Adecco South East Asia. “Clearly our children are picking up on news as well as the conversations around them. It's also heart-warming to note that our young citizens are passionate about the environment and place a deep importance for family and community. Their responses also resonate with an understanding of what they would like their future to be – one that is filled with fun and purpose."




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