Uber Reaction

Balance required for gig economy work.

Uber Reaction

UK & Europe

Following the European Court of Justice ruling that Uber is a transport company and not a digital service, Dave Chaplin, CEO and founder of ContractorCalculator has responded saying: “There is no doubt that Uber provides a great service. But they should not be allowed to compete unfairly on price by circumventing regulations that enable them to have a lower cost base than others in the same market.”


Chaplin says the issue of employment rights for Uber drivers is a contentious one, but it needs to be addressed – as the recent Taylor report made clear. “Otherwise we risk a race to the bottom whereby firms compete by suppressing the rights of their workers to save money,” says Chaplin.

“There is a very delicate balancing act that the government has to deal with here – by ensuring legislation protects workers who want rights, whilst also enabling those who choose self-employment to flourish, thereby maintaining the value the flexible workforce delivers to UK Plc,” concludes Chaplin.



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