Don't Do This

Emily Gordon, strategic director at Seven Step RPO on recruitment techniques to lose.

Don't Do This


We’re all guilty of holding on to methods that once worked well, right? As a recruiter today, you can’t afford to waffle in the past. You need to be current and even ahead of the curve on embracing the latest methods and technologies for connecting with great talent. Today’s candidates are savvy, sophisticated, connected, and want ease and accessibility. That said, here are three outdated recruiting approaches that you need to ditch ASAP. 


1: Posting every open job on Twitter over and over and over. Yes, we all know that people set up auto Tweets and that they often Tweet the same content repeatedly because Twitter feeds  only last for a few minutes before they move into oblivion, but posting every job you have repeatedly just ends up with you being ignored or unfollowed. Posting jobs on Twitter is NOT the same as having a well-thought-out social media strategy for your recruitment. 

You need a community. Build a talent community that leads people to your jobs and lets them see other content to keep them engaged when they’re not actively job seeking. A talent community can be a place where they get insight into your company, your culture, as well as advice on how to be successful in their careers and in the job search process. Be sure you are available to communicate in real-time, so that they can engage, interact, and build a relationship with you. 


2: Not getting back to candidates you don’t screen or choose. Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Gone are the days when candidates were fine with not hearing back from companies they had applied at. Today’s job seekers want to connect; they want to feel heard and valued. Even if they don’t get the job.  They invested time and interest in your company and they deserve the same from you.

But beyond being considerate, there are strategic advantages to responding to every single applicant. The biggest is building your candidate talent pool. The people who apply today may be someone you hire a year from now, IF you take the time to nurture their interest in your company and show them that they matter. (Hint, a talent community is great for this!) Second, you build your employment brand reputation. Candidates talk and they refer people to companies they like. You want to create a positive candidate experience with every applicant, because you never know when that person may be right for a role, or may refer someone to you.   

One last tip: try to respond personally, if possible. Automated messages come from robots and do not build relationships with candidates.

3: Posting and praying the right candidate will appear. Are you still posting to job boards and hoping the perfect match will appear? You can’t leave finding the right candidate to chance. Today’s job seekers have options. You need to go out and source the talent you want. Engage and reengage in the talent community. Connect, communicate, start discussions, show interest in talent that’s not actively seeking. Build relationships with professionals and be active in groups on LinkedIn. Be helpful, demonstrate why your company is an awesome place to work.  And make people curious about how their lives and careers could be better at your company than where they’re at right now. Sourcing talent means you need to be creative, transparent and above all, approachable and accessible. 


Today’s talent expects a higher level of engagement, interaction, and accessibility than ever before. As you examine your current processes and practices, be sure to include ways to meet these expectations and you’ll be well on your way to creating a candidate experience that makes a great impression. 



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