GSK Go Rare

First medical company to invest in Contextual Recruitment to increase diversity.

GSK Go Rare

UK & Europe

GlaxoSmithKline are among the latest companies to start using Contextual Recruitment from diversity recruitment specialist Rare. The initiative will begin in the UK to help open the doors of the healthcare industry to a more diverse range of talent, attracting talented graduates and apprentices from disadvantaged backgrounds into the healthcare sector.

GSK, the first global healthcare company to take up the software, is following in the footsteps of more than 60 blue-chip firms who have been using the CRS to great effect including, Deloitte, Clifford Chance, Savills, Boston Consulting Group and a range of others.

Joe Voelcker, Global Early Talent & UK Recruitment Lead, said: “Making sure that we recruit from the widest possible pool of student and graduate talent is vital for our business. GSK already looks to attract candidates from all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Working with Rare will help us to reach candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds and further our ambition to have a truly diverse early talent population, which mirrors the diversity of our patients and consumers.”

As the first technology and data-driven tool of its kind, Rare’s CRS hardwires social mobility metrics into companies’ existing graduate recruitment databases. It allows firms to see, at a glance, not just the achievements of candidates, but the context in which those achievements were gained, taking into consideration several factors, including postcode, school quality, eligibility for free school meals, refugee status and time spent in care.

Inspired by big data processes, and the selection techniques used by the UK’s leading universities, which make differential offers to students based on ‘contextual data’, the CRS was based on a two-year research project conducted by Rare, and sponsored by international law firm (and founding partner of the CRS project), Clifford Chance. Rare has found that 50 per cent more disadvantaged candidates are hired when organisations adopt the CRS.

Raph Mokades, Founder and MD of Rare, said: “A lack of diversity within the talent pool continues to be a challenge for many large firms. The move by GSK is hugely significant. We are delighted that such an industry heavyweight is taking positive action to drive more diverse representation and promote the healthcare industry as an inclusive career path.”



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