Pay Rising

Five jobs where wages will increase according to Robert Walters.

Pay Rising

Australia & New Zealand

Robert Walters have predicted the five jobs which will have the strongest wage growth over the coming year. The reason for this growth has been put down to an infrastructure rich state and federal government budgets. Alongside this a disruptive tech community and tightening regulatory pressures faced by big business will also boost demand for certain skills and therefore the related wage on offer.

Robert Walters says Australians in IT, corporate governance and infrastructure sectors are therefore poised to be the wage winners this financial. Therefore, employees with job titles such as big data developer, data security specialist, risk management consultant, procurement professional and civil engineer have particular reason to smile. 

“The first half of 2017 has been predictable as we have seen very little salary growth outside of a few specialist areas, while the second half of 2017 promises to be better particularly in the IT and infrastructure industries,” says Robert Walters, director NSW, Andrew Hanson. “Thanks to over $70 billion committed to infrastructure projects by the federal government and significant disruption and continued growth in the technology sector, we expect more and better paying jobs will start to appear in the market as the year goes on.” 


Regulatory changes, particularly in the banking and financial services industries are boosting compliance related jobs with governance, culture and conduct under the microscope. Other key trends expected in the coming 12 months include soft skills becoming increasingly important particularly customer service and stakeholder engagement skills sets, while candidates with project management and business analysis experience will be in highest demand.

“Contract positions will continue to see growth and are being favoured by more and more organisations that are looking to increase resource outcomes while reducing costs,” said Mr Hanson. 

For those thinking about moving roles the financial year presents an opportunity to start fresh however there are some factors worth keeping in mind. 

“Market competition aside, for those Australians looking to move jobs or even careers this financial year, it is important to consider the non-financial considerations. Our data reveals 56 per cent of Australians will be looking to move jobs this financial year and of those only 28 per cent will change jobs for a better salary. Career progression, flexible working conditions and cultural fit will be the major non-financial reasons jobseekers will be looking to move jobs this financial year.” Mr Hanson said. 




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