Grade inflation

Good exam results no longer enough for employers

Grade inflation

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UK employers are having trouble recruiting good graduate workers because too many students are being awarded top grades, a new report has revealed.
Research from gap year travel specialist i-to-i found two thirds of employers say it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between job applicants because of the abundance of good degrees and high 'A'-level results.

In a poll of 500 employers, more than half (51 per cent) said they thought it was becoming easier to attain 'good' qualifications, while a similar number (45 per cent) said they found it difficult to find graduate employees with the skills they required.

The survey comes just days after UCAS announced that a record number of students (404,668) had found places on higher education courses, a rise of 7.8 per cent compared to 2004. This year also saw 'A'-level and AS-level results rise dramatically with the percentage of pupils achieving the equivalent of five A*-C ranges from 35.8 to 79.2.

i-to-i founder Deirdre Bounds commented: "With more and more people gaining top grades, employers are looking for other ways to identify the best workers. Whereas in the past academic success alone might have been the key to landing a top job, our research found 90 per cent of employers feel this isn't enough.”



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