Green Selects evolve

Technology puts front office into cloud.

Green Selects evolve



The Green Recruitment Company (TGRC) is pleased to announce their endorsement of evolve the recruitment front office product to power their fast growing recruitment business.

As a company with committed Corporate Responsibility and Environmental policies, the choice of evolve was driven by the need to source applications from the cloud. Conceptually, the shift to cloud computing has been likened to people moving from owning private cars to using public transport. Most organisations tend to overprovision computing infrastructure by more than 100 per cent. Shifting to a cloud model allows an organisation to remove redundancies and enables a more elastic model of computing demand. The typical increases and decreases in client requirements are absorbed by the cloud service and data providers resulting in potentially significant increases in resource efficiency due to scale effects.


More companies are making the environment a deciding reason for selecting cloud providers, according to a survey carried out earlier this year by hosting services provider Rackspace. A study of 232 respondents from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil, among others found that customers are focusing on sustainability as part of the selection process for cloud service providers. TGRC’s decision to work with evolve bears this out.

In addition, the flexibility and scalability that evolve™ offers allows TGRC to satisfy their growth objectives without the need for substantial upfront investment.

Patrick Wall, Director of TGRC says “evolve ticks all the boxes from our perspective. It has allowed us to grow both the size and breadth of our recruitment business whilst meeting carefully constructed sustainability and environmental objectives. Cloud sourcing was an essential component in this decision for us.”

Chris Pawsey, Head of Sales at evolve responded “TGRC is a great example of a fast growing recruitment business that operates with very clear social responsibility and sustainability goals. We are proud to be partnered with them and fuelling their growth plans.”



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