What Employers Want

Job requirements make top of list for Cornerstone survey.

What Employers Want

UK & Europe

A survey by IDC, commissioned by Cornerstone OnDemand, has found that the job requirements (57 per cent) and not previous experience, are the most important recruitment criteria to British organisations. On top of this, UK businesses prefer to test how well a candidate’s skills match the specific requirements of the role.

Despite being a trending topic in the public eye, diversity (25 per cent) was not considered an important recruitment criterion in the UK, coming second-to-last in front of exponential thinking (20 per cent). Across Europe, diversity also ranked low in its importance (25 per cent on average), but some European countries such as Sweden (37 per cent) and Switzerland (32 per cent) rated it highly.


Internal recruitment (53 per cent) was found to be the most frequently used recruitment practice for UK organisations, followed by the use of job platforms (51 percent) and recruitment agencies (44 per cent). The finding suggests British applicants should consider looking inside their own companies for new roles to increase their chances of hire, but also highlights a preference among British companies to stick to their existing talent pool rather than source new people.

“UK organisations are taking risks in the war for talent,” said Peter Gold, principal consultant, thought leadership and advisory services, Cornerstone OnDemand. “Their preference for internal recruits and sticking to ‘the way things have always been done’ are putting them at risk of narrowing the organisation’s ability to deliver change and drive innovation. British companies should widen the net for new recruits where possible and look to drive new skill-sets and capabilities into the workforce through training and talent development. In hiring new, diverse candidates with exponential thinking skills into the workforce, companies will also bring in a new set of ideas, and different views may be a useful injection of innovation. This is as much about bringing this kind of thinking into the recruitment process itself, as well as into the workforce,” 

This is the third year Cornerstone OnDemand and IDC have conducted a major European study, with this year’s study being the largest of its kind. Almost 2,000 interviews were conducted with HR, IT and line of business managers in companies with more than 500 employees from 14 countries, including the UK.



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