Strong Outlook for Asian Countries

Manpower data shows positive hiring intentions.

Strong Outlook for Asian Countries

Asia Pacific

Manpower has reported that the strongest Outlooks for employers globally are reported in Japan, Taiwan and India as well as the US. Employers in Australia and Japan are among those reporting the healthiest hiring plans in five years or more.

Outlooks among employers in Eastern Europe, and Greece outpace those in Western Europe. Employers in Austria and Italy report the weakest Outlooks across Europe and the globe while job prospects remain upbeat in Romania, Hungary and Poland. In Spain and Portugal, employers report more optimistic Outlooks year-over-year while in the UK, Germany and Belgium they report weaker (yet still positive) hiring intentions. In the UK, concerns over Brexit may be impacting employer confidence as the overall forecast dips to its weakest level since 2012.


"The first quarter of 2018 is looking bright for jobseekers with employment Outlooks improving in many markets," said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup chairman and CEO. "Employers across the globe and especially in the US, Asia Pacific and parts of Europe are positive across a number of sectors, and people with in-demand skills will find themselves in high demand. Employers will need to work hard to attract and develop people with the skills they need to remain competitive. As globalisation and digital transformation impact different countries and industries at different times, upskilling and reskilling tomorrow's workforce for available jobs will be critical for long-term employability. The future looks positive, providing we help people develop the skills they need to capture these opportunities."

Of the nearly 59,000 employers surveyed across 43 countries and territories confidence levels have strengthened year-on-year in 25 countries and territories.

• Asia Pacific: Employers expect staffing levels to increase in all eight countries and territories with hiring sentiment strongest in Taiwan. The most cautious Outlook in the region is reported in China.

- Australia is forecasting the strongest labor market in more than six years with an Outlook of +14 per cent.

- Hiring confidence in Japan remains solid with employers reporting the most optimistic forecast since 2007.  Hiring activity is strongest in Transportation and Utilities, and Mining and Construction sectors.

- Hiring intentions in India improve for the second consecutive quarter following the country's weakest historical Outlook from Q3 2017. Increased opportunities for job seekers are expected in all seven industry sectors and across each of the four regions.




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