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Market report highlights promising sectors for recruiters.

Best Sectors

UK & Europe

A report from Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has identified the Most Attractive Staffing Sectors in the UK. With the aim of offering a holistic assessment for the relative attractiveness of investment opportunities to staffing companies wishing to expand their business to new occupational categories within the UK the report has evaluated and compared the potential of the nine major occupational sectors in the UK staffing markets. The findings cover both commercial and professional staffing sectors, and attractiveness is identified according to ten different criteria.

SIA say the Marketing/Creative sector stands out as the most attractive overall, followed by IT and Clinical/Scientific. The least attractive occupational sectors are Finance/Accounting and Office/Clerical.

“This analysis points to a number of unique traits that make the Marketing/Creative sector stand out as an attractive investment prospect for staffing firms,” said David Papapostolou, senior research analyst at SIA. “We are expecting this staffing market to grow further in the coming years as digitisation and e-commerce are opening new channels for businesses to reach their audiences. Signs of growth are already visible.”

The full report is available for Corporate and CWS Council Members, along with the Excel-based Sector Attractiveness Assessment Tool (SAAT). The SAAT allows users to conduct their own assessment based on the components that they perceive as most relevant to their business activities.



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