Professional Passport Goes Free

Membership offer as legislation impacts on industry.

Professional Passport Goes Free

UK & Europe

Following all the recent changes in legislation that allow third party debts to be passed back to recruitment companies where non-compliance is found Professional Passport has launched a free membership offer to recruitment companies.

Professional Passport carries out compliance assessments on providers; umbrella, CIS and accountancy services, allowing recruitment companies to rely on the assessment as the ‘adequate process’ and ‘due diligence’ required by the legislation when using the approved providers as part of the preferred supplier listings. 

Professional Passport supports the compliance assessments with a unique insurance guarantee. The guarantee covers the recruitment company for any losses incurred through HMRC debt transfer if one of the approved providers is found to be non-compliant, and the recruitment company is unable to appeal the notice.


“We have seen a huge increase in the number of recruiters relying on our approved providers as part of their preferred supplier lists and these companies need to become members of Professional Passport to create the insurable interest link,” said Crawford Temple, MD at Professional Passport. “Making this free of charge means that recruiters can now benefit from our £5 million insurance guarantee at no cost to them.”

To benefit from this offer recruiters should complete the form on the Professional Passport website here:

Membership to Professional Passport brings additional benefits to recruiters as members automatically receive the Professional Passport Intell newsletters providing useful guidance and commentary on changes affecting recruiters and providers.



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