Interim Spend

New interim platform researches budget among SMEs.

Interim Spend

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A survey into the use of interim recruitment suggests UK SMEs spend £2.9 billion every year on this resource. The study comes from SomeoneWho, a new digital recruitment platform for interim roles launching in the UK today. The research Alsop suggests senior HR professionals waste nearly three-and-a-half days (27 hours) every time they recruit a new interim team member.

The study of 500 small business HR decision makers found that time spent on recruitment costs businesses approximately £530 per hire – totalling £2.9 billion a year if every SME hired just one interim annually.

When hiring an interim, HR managers spend almost a day and a half (11 hours) writing a job description, advertising the position, and sifting through responses. A further half day (4.6 hours) interviewing candidates who are not right for the role, while another day and a half (11 hours) is spent negotiating rates, chasing job offers and verifying references.

Despite the time and money HR managers are investing in finding interims, the research also found that many SMEs aren’t finding the right candidates. 85 per cent of respondents admitted to making bad hires for their business, with one in five hiring the wrong people at least once a month. A further one in four admitted to making bad hires once a year.

“Interim managers are supposed to be a lifeline for business - providing a quick and easy solution when teams are struggling or short on resources,” said Andrew Saffron, founder of SomeoneWho. “However, our study shows that actually finding this talent is a time consuming problem for SMEs.

“We are launching SomeoneWho to create a quicker, more affordable option. No expensive recruitment fees, no time consuming hassle and admin. Just a clever algorithm that matches top quality interims with high quality briefs.”

The biggest challenge in hiring interim managers was found to be time-wasting candidates (43 per cent), followed by a lack of talent (33 per cent) and finding time for the necessary work and processes (23 per cent). This is despite almost two-thirds (60 per cent) indicating they’d used an interim recruitment agency to help source and filter candidates in the past. 



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