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New screening service from recruitment company.

Checking Out

UK & Europe

SecureSearch, a bespoke pre-employment screening and vetting service, is to be launched this month. The new service, provide by Search Consultancy enables businesses anywhere in the UK to manage risk and significantly improve their recruitment process.

The service is managed by a team of recruitment professionals who work alongside clients, using their expertise and the new portal to fill positions across the UK. Using a new cloud-based platform with banking-level secure encryption, the SecureSearch team research a range of pre-employment screening requirements to deliver a tailored, accurate report on the employment, qualifications and criminal history of prospective candidates. 

The CIPD estimates that a bad hire costs a business between £8,000 and £12,000 so, as well as saving organisations time by highlighting any potentially unsuitable or unqualified candidates, the SecureSearch service also protects them from increased recruitment and training costs, low productivity, data security and potential reputational damage. 

SecureSearch checks undertaken include:

• Criminal record checks, from basic to enhanced, searching the Police National Computer (PNC) for convictions, cautions, reprimands or inclusion on children’s or adult’s lists.

• Employment verification which collects factual information about a candidate’s employment history, including contacting former employers and verifying employment gap histories.

• Eligibility to work verification, checking passport, visa and identity documentation.

• Adverse financial summary to verify a candidate’s credit worthiness, disclosing any bankruptcies, county court judgements or insolvencies.

• Global sanctions check to guard against potential links to terror or terror financing.

• DVLA report for anyone potentially using a company vehicle.

• Academic qualification checks to verify claims, from GCSEs to degrees.


Other available searches also include but not limited to professional membership, directorship and international checks. Debbie Caswell, COO of Secure Consultancy, said: “What SecureSearch does is to put the security and professionalism back into recruiting, ensuring the quality of every hire, helping to mitigate fraud and data security risks and saving valuable time.

“Misleading CVs are an unfortunate fact of life but recruiting a new person is a serious business if it goes wrong. Our expert SecureSearch team will be able to work with clients anywhere in the UK to help them to build a full and honest picture of every candidate, leaving them to do what they do best in running and growing their businesses,” she added.




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