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Demanding Technology

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The next 12 months is likely to see the emergence of a new generation of Web 2.0 entrepreneurs. At the same time, demand for web technology and smartphone programming skills will continue to grow significantly as more individuals and organisations seek to maximise their online potential through websites and Apps.

These predictions have come from the recruitment website whose Fast 50 charts the fastest rising jobs in the online technology sector. The chart also illustrates the impact of the battle between producers of the latest technology on talent requirement. The Fast 50 draws upon the activities of its websites’ 3.2 million users and 1.5 million online jobs and by identifying trends from these in 2011, the company are able to project the possible shape of future employment for the sector.

According to the website, there has been a significant rise in jobs for web technology areas with HTML up 193 per cent, HTML5 up 118 per cent and Website Design up 94 per cent on last year. As social media – the backbone of Web 2.0 – continues to stretch and challenge programmers and users of the net, successful recruits need to be sure they can incorporate the latest features and innovate their own ideas. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly SMEs can find the going tough given the need to deliver competitive and high quality services shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook. Indeed, this area of activity is particularly interesting at the moment since any retailer who wishes to hold or increase customer numbers must create and continually develop their online presence. For this reason there has been a 34 per cent growth in eCommerce jobs and a 67 per cent increase in Shopping Carts jobs. believes these areas will see further expansion in the current new year.


The smartphone market is also having a great impact on tech jobs. According to the website, Android phones were biggest driver of smartphone shipments last year with 51.9 million sold in Q2 of 2011 compared with 20.3 million iPhones over the same time period. iPhone 5 may have some impact on this balance leading to more job in this arena whenever the phone ships.

Interestingly the Fast 50 has recorded an incredible increase in iPad related jobs – up by 125 per cent on the year and growing at 22 per cent compound every quarter. This rate is already outpacing the growth of iPhone jobs – 18 per cent per quarter – and appears to have left BlackBerry’s Playbook tablet for dust.

Finally, the Freelancer Fast 50 reports an ongoing decline in online jobs related to Microsoft technology. It seems Microsoft has simply missed the boat as far as Internet technology is concerned and subsequently, the company may come unstuck in the future as cloud and App based computing takes over.



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