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Paperless office and mobile market drives growth in online work.

Online Work Trends

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The Fast 50, a guide to the fastest growing online jobs has been published covering the third quarter of 2012. According to the survey, by and based on data from over 4.3 million users of the website, there has been impressive growth among Android based jobs whilst Apple iOS jobs have all but stood still.

From a total of 230,614 jobs posted online in the last quarter it appears copy typing has experienced most growth posting 145 per cent growth. This figure is thought to be related to the on going transition to paperless offices by many organisations across sectors. The next nearest job category to this is HTML5 which turned in an impressive 44 per cent rise demonstrating how companies are seeking to bridge the gap between their fixed and mobile clients.

Among other trends highlighted by the data it appears iPhone jobs tapered to a modest eight per cent growth this quarter as developers waited for the release of iOS6 in September. Meanwhile, reviewers gave the iPhone 5 a tepid reception, hampered by a marked lack of substantial new features and the iOS6 Maps misfire. The numbers are a huge setback for Apple from the scorching 30 per cent explosion of jobs in the last quarter.

Android, on the other hand saw a 16 per cent surge in jobs owing in part to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III and release of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in July.


The survey also reflected the ongoing interest in Apps with jQuery, the javascript library of choice of interactive web apps increasing jobs by 32 per cent. A recent makeover announced by eBay also fueled online jobs in this area with demand growing by 41 per cent for this technology. Facebook jobs also made a recovery this quarter with 11 per cent growth compared with a drop of 14 per cent last quarter.

Internet Marketing also seems to have made a recovery this quarter as Google has become more steady and dependable in its intentions and technology updates. Internet Marketing jobs have risen by 12 per cent, SEO is up by 12 per cent as well, while Link Building jobs rose by eight per cent over the same time span.

Reflecting on these findings, Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of says: “This report truly reflects Mary Meeker’s thesis that through software and the Internet we’re experiencing the reimagination of everything. Every industry we can think of is turning into a software business, and every job function is increasingly being performed using software tools in the cloud. This online job report tracks the current leaders and laggards of this transformation.”



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