Bullhorn Live 2017

Peter Linas, international managing director, on what to expect.

Bullhorn Live 2017

UK & Europe


Bullhorn Live is in London on October 11th & 12th. For more details go here: http://bullhornlive.bullhorn.com

What is Bullhorn Live and what’s it all about?

Bullhorn Live is an annual event we created to bring together the best and brightest recruitment professionals in the UK and from all over Europe. It’s in its fifth year now, and the 2017 edition looks to be the best yet. 

As for what it’s all about? Well, Bullhorn Live is about many different things. First and foremost, it’s about examining the state of the industry and learning more about it: what key issues are affecting recruitment, how should we go about approaching them, and who – if anyone – has the answers? 

Speakers from Bullhorn and our Marketplace Partners will be leading thought-provoking sessions on a variety of industry-relevant topics. Workshops and seminars also provide plenty of chances for training and education; our goal is to ensure every person leaves Bullhorn Live having learned something new. 

Needless to say, it’s also quite good fun – and a fantastic networking opportunity to meet the best and brightest in the recruitment industry. People working in this market have a unique energy, and it’s great to see them share best practice tips, stories, and generally bounce off each other. 

What the theme for this year’s event?

The theme for Bullhorn Live 2017 is Growing Your Business in the New Relationship Economy. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the new relationship economy refers to the end of traditional customer relationships. It is predicated on the idea that the modern business environment is all about nurturing powerful connections with internal and external stakeholders – employees, partners, customers, and so on. Relationships are the new currency for businesses. 

Recruitment, of course, is all about forging new relationships. In theory, the industry should be well-equipped to adapt to this shift in the status quo. But with advances in technology and an increasingly competitive market, they’ll certainly need to stay on their toes if they want to facilitate real business growth. Our guest speakers, and the individuals leading our workshops, have been invited to make sure recruiters stay ahead of the curve. 


What does the agenda look like?

For the first time ever, Bullhorn Live 2017 is going to last for two full days – and they’ll both be pretty busy! It’s a testament to our growth as a company, and the event’s growth as an annual showcase. 

We’re kicking off the first day with a keynote from Art Papas, our CEO. He’ll be touching on many of the themes that will run throughout the rest of the event. Day one will also feature talks and workshops on issues around leading, managing and growing a recruitment company. We’ll have several sessions about navigating the relationship economy and the ever-changing recruitment industry, covering topics such as data regulation, talent acquisition and nurturing, and economic trends – among others. 

Day two is more Bullhorn-centric, focusing largely on adding value for our existing and future customers. We’ll be teaching them how to use our platform to optimise key processes –  as well as offering some general advice on investing in recruitment technology. Day two sessions will focus on automatic data capture, becoming a sourcing ninja, getting the most out of your Bullhorn investment and achieving maximum operational efficiency. 

We’ll also be bringing back a favourite of past events – the Innovation Throwdown, a session in which guests get to vote on new Bullhorn features that our development team will later attempt to enact. 

What does the future hold for Bullhorn?

Working at Bullhorn is never anything less than a whirlwind, and I mean that in a good way. If the next few years live up to the last few years, they’ll be very exciting indeed. We’re currently focused on expanding our existing operations in the EMEA region, as well as maintaining and further building on our already strong presence in the US, UK, and Australia. 

Our dedication to innovation and iteration has given us a strong foothold in these markets, and we’ll are aiming to build on this success further afield. We’ve achieved consistent success because we’re committed to boosting the performance and top line growth of our customers. 

The next stop? Becoming the most customer-centric, value-adding CRM provider in Europe – and, ultimately, all over the world.




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