Criminal Warning #2

QDos says Act is 'opportunity'.

Criminal Warning #2

UK & Europe

Mike Butchart, CEO of Qdos Accounting believes the recruitment sector has a rare opportunity following the full implementation of The Criminal Finances Act 2017. The legislation which will prevent unlawful payments made to consultants for the introduction to providers, will give the recruitment industry a rare opportunity to drastically improve the services and solutions it provides says Qdos Accounting of The Qdos Group.

The changes will level the playing field, and place focus on the quality, value and compliance of services and solutions, rather than the size of underhand payments to agents or agencies for introductions.“We welcome the incoming changes to the Criminal Finances Act, which will prevent cash incentives for introductions in the sector,” said Butchart. “As an organisation we have long regarded it as underhand and bad practice, and under no circumstances have engaged in it ourselves.

“With changes being enforced, the recruitment industry itself has an opportunity to truly focus on delivering first-class services and solutions, and ones which are bought based on trust, quality, value and level of compliance, and not through questionable cash payments for introductions,” he said. “As well as creating a fairer marketplace, these changes will no doubt improve the industry’s reputation, signalling to others that recruiting prides itself on delivering first-class solutions over anything else.”



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