Survey finds importance of CSR within workplace for employees.


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A survey into the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility among Middle East companies has revealed a disparity between employee’s desire to do more community service work and their ability to actually engage in this type of activity. According to research caaried out by the jobsite Bayt.com 95.3 per cent of respondents want to do more community service work but 41 per cent say that they don’t know where to start.

Indeed, CSR activities appear very attractive to employees as 73 per cent of respondents said they’d rather give their time and effort towards charitable causes rather than merely donating money – although this is mostly due to the fact that just over 60 per cent of respondents said they were unable to  contribute financially. Seven out of 10 respondents already frequently participate in charity or community service work, but 95.3 per cent say they would like to do more.

Almost 67 per cent of respondents claim that their companies engage in CSR activities ‘very regularly’ (43.9 per cent) or ‘sometimes’ (23 per cent) and the majority also claims that their companies actively motivate employees to participate in CSR activities. The most common types of CSR activities that companies in the MENA are involved in according to respondents are feeding, housing or clothing the poor (25 per cent) and working with orphans and underprivileged children (13.2 per cent). 


However, the research also found that the main reason why individuals do not engage in CSR is that they simply don’t know where to start (according to 40.9 per cent). Meanwhile just over 15 per cent state that they are held back because their company doesn’t engage in CSR activities. To the majority of respondents working for a socially-responsible company is very important to them and nearly 90 per cent of respondents believe the corporate sector has a moral responsibility to do CSR work.

“There is clearly the need for more companies to consider developing CSR programs, or to enhance their existing ones,” said Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, Bayt.com. “Not only is there a desire from employees to participate in more activities that will benefit the community, but respondents have shown that they feel more warmly towards companies that engage in CSR, giving companies the potential to benefit in return for their community work.”



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