Engagement Low

UK has engagement issues compared with rest of world.

Engagement Low

Rest of World

The Kelly Global Workforce Index has found engagement levels among UK workers to be lower than their European counterparts. The survey found only 24 per cent of UK employees committed to their jobs, compared with as many as 45 per cent in Denmark, 42 per cent in Norway and 37 per cent in Russia.

Overall, only a third of employees feel valued by their employers, with a third feeling less loyal to their employers compared with last year. As a result, 67 per cent plan to look for a job in the year ahead, with 44 per cent frequently thinking about quitting. Nearly half are looking for new opportunities, even when they are happy in their jobs, and of these, as many as 72 per cent will actively look for a job at least once a week.

“Engagement levels are comparatively low in the UK compared with other European markets and it’s clear that more needs to be done by employers to provide an environment that will help to retain staff in the long term,” said Katie Ivie, HR Director, Kelly Services UK and Ireland. “This will become even more critical as the war for talent intensifies.”

In terms of what they look for in a new employer, 81 per cent are motivated by salary and benefits; however many do have strong ambitions for career progression, with training and development being important for 65 per cent and opportunities for advancement key for 59 per cent. Gen Y were particularly keen on training, with 71 per cent stating this as a priority. Interestingly half of those polled mentioned that the opportunity to work with colleagues from whom they could learn would help influence their employment decision, suggesting the importance of peer learning.

“Our findings show that while salary and benefits are central to an employee’s priorities; training and development, advancement and learning from others are all crucial in their job decision, suggesting an ambitious workforce that is eager to learn and progress – something all employers should look to capitalise on,” noted Ivie.

When searching and applying for jobs, 85 per cent of employees are using digital applications. Despite the increase in online applications, only a third will use social media in their job search. In addition, only 15 per cent of candidates have taken part in an employer’s online talent community, yet 33 per cent would be interested in doing so if the opportunity arose.




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