6 Diversity Job Boards in the UK You Should be Using

If you’re trying to hire the perfect person, don’t underestimate the importance of advertising on the best diversity job boards.

Remember, everyone is not only equal but unique. ✌️

To help you diversify the talent pool, here’s a list of the six best UK diversity job boards to use in your next recruitment placement.


UK Diversity Job Board 1: DiverseJobsMatters 

With over 20 years of talent acquisition, Diverse Jobs Matter is devoted to providing minority candidates with opportunities from employers dedicated to being more inclusive of underrepresented communities. 🏳️‍⚧️

The site attracts around 6,000 website visitors weekly.

So, there’s plenty of talented professionals waiting to be contacted.

Diverse Jobs Matters offers a range of pricing options for job advertisers, such as a bronze, silver, gold, and a custom package.

Due to its undeniable popularity, this is a great diversity job board to access a wide range of talent. ✨


UK Diversity Job Board 2: LGBT Jobs

LGBT Jobs has a very impressive reputation. ⭐

With high profile clients like Sky, Red Bull, SEGA, DHL, and Starbucks on their books, you can attract quality candidates and assure their diversity needs will be upheld and respected.

Plus, there are thousands of diverse opportunities available! ♾️


UK Diversity Job Board 3: Evenbreak

After research from Enactus revealed that 82% of disabled candidates feel their biggest barrier to employment is identifying disability-friendly workplaces, this forward-thinking diversity job board decided to:

  1. Solve disabled jobseekers needs.
  2. Make employers attract disabled candidates.

Through Evenbreak’s job board, disabled candidates feel more comfortable, confident, and supported. 🙌


UK Diversity Job Board 4: Investing in Women

Investing in Women does exactly what it says on the tin.

This job board posts flexible and part-time opportunities inclusive of mothers who need flexibility due to the demands of parenting. 👩‍👦

There is a wide range of professional roles available in different corporate industries including:

  • Banking 🏦
  • Fintech 👩‍💻
  • Finance 💵
  • Accounting 🧮
  • Insurance 🖨️
  • Consulting 👩‍💼
  • Legal 👩‍⚖️
  • Real Estate 🏘️


UK Diversity Job Board 5: Pink Jobs  

The main advantage of this diversity job board is that it’s free! 🆓

Yes, both are free to job advertisers and free to job seekers.

Jobs are listed from many countries, including:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada

On this job board, LGBT candidates can be confident knowing they are supported and respected. ❤️


UK Diversity Job Board 6: Ex-Military Careers

The Ex-Military Careers job board launched in 2010 to help skilled ex-forces men and women return smoothly to civilian life. 😊

With over 600 registered businesses and 25,000 registered candidates, this job board is worth posting on if you’re looking to fill a role in:

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Recruitment
  • Security
  • Finance
  • FinTech
  • Cyber security
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace


Benefits of diversity in the workplace

The overall aim of equality and diversity is to remove discrimination and racism, but it also has many other benefits to employers, employees, and the overall working culture.

Diversity has a long list of benefits such as:

  • Building a more balanced and colourful workplace ✅
  • Inviting more investments ✅
  • Increasing employee satisfaction ✅
  • Gaining a higher customer engagement ✅
  • Harnessing more creativity ✅
  • Improving reputations ✅

It’s proved at the highest level of professionalism, diversity improves results.


Final Thoughts

With so many benefits to employers and employees, diversity ought to be the main priority for any organisation, no matter how big or small.

As a recruiter, it’s essential to foster this.

Here is a quick checklist for how to post a diverse job ad.

  1. Skip the jargon and be inclusive, limit the terminology to a minimum.
  2. Don’t assume or stereotype.
  3. Design and structure your ad to be accessible.
  4. Include salary and benefits.
  5. Show that you care.

Creating diverse job ads is easy with AdBuilder, a job ad building platform that understands diversification and will save you time, energy and effort.

We also offer AdGrader, a comprehensive diversity and inclusion calculator.

This cutting-edge tool will ensure every job ad you write appeals to everyone.

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