6,000 freelance scientists registered with online start-up.

Kolabtree grows success.

Over 6,000 freelance scientists from 131 countries have registered with Kolabtree, a global online platform for freelance scientists. Freelancers offer advanced services including data analytics, scientific writing and experiment design, to provide small businesses and research organisations with the specialized skills and experience required for their projects.

Based in London and established in 2015, Kolabtree has supported a total of 2,400 projects which, in many cases, resulted in the development of a new innovative product or arrival at reliable research conclusions. The company’s database includes freelancers, many with PhDs, specialised in over 2,000 scientific disciplines including medical, food and environmental science.

“Small businesses and start-ups typically employ graduates, not professionals with decades of experience, because of the associated cost,” explained Ashmita Das, CEO of Kolabtree. “Many businesses don’t realise they can gain the expertise of someone with several years’ experience by using freelancers to help launch a specific product, scale up or troubleshoot a specific problem.

“Kolabtree makes hiring a freelance scientist quick and easy. Recently, a client with an urgent requirement posted a project, received bids, hired a freelancer, got the job done and paid the freelancer, all in one day.”

Businesses can post a project on Kolabtree for free and be confident that their data is secure and only visible to logged-in users. They then receive bids from freelancers and have the opportunity to interact with them before choosing the freelancer that is right for their project.

While working with a freelancer, clients can keep track of documents and conversations in Kolabtree’s user-friendly workspace. The freelancer is only paid if the client is satisfied with the work and the budget can be modified if the scope of the project changes.

“I recently had the pleasure of using the Kolabtree platform when preparing a nursing research grant submission,” commented Dlorah Jenkins, interdisciplinary researcher and data analyst at Kennesaw State University, USA. “I was able to post specifics about my needs on Kolabtree and hire the perfect consultant to help me through that portion of the grant within a few short days.”

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