7 video marketing stats to pay attention to

Key facts and figures on video marketing in 2022

I know, I know. You’re busy. You barely have time to write a blog post, let alone make and edit a video. In the world of recruitment marketing (all marketing actually now that I think about it), there is never enough time.


  1. I think the stats below will convince you (if you’re not convinced already) that video marketing is worth your time.


  1. The original version of this blog post (yes this content has been stretched into multiple content types across different platforms) started as a video transcript from a video that is just over 2 minutes long (see below).

Yes, making a video, especially one that needs editing, can take quite a bit of time. But on the plus side, you can use that content in multiple ways – in full, as snippets, converting to text as social and blog posts, in multiple formats, engaging multiple audiences.

So let’s look at those video marketing stats:

Video marketing infographic from BlueSky PR
References: Animoto, Facebook, Google, HubSpot, optin monster, Wyzowl


As you can see, the importance of using video on your website and social channels cannot be underestimated.

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Source BlueSky PR
Via BlueSky PR

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