A guide to being a future-focused leader ft James Reed


What should remote leadership look like?

Hear James Reed, Chairman of The Reed Group share his leadership lessons including what today’s leaders should be doing now to become a future-focused people’s leader.

James kicks off his discussion with Neil Carberry with Reed’s latest labour market insights while adding his own findings on where our economy is headed which hints on his optimism about our industry in the coming months. Listen to this discussion to take away some important lessons on:

  • What remote leadership in the modern sense should look like?
  • The role of digital in shaping the future of work
  • Key messages from the Keep Britain Working campaign
  • How recruitment businesses can contribute to the recovery of the UK economy

Key quotes/takeaways:

“Momentum is important. If the economy is growing, we have an important role to play in helping companies source people.”  James

“Wealth and work will be more reasonably and regionally distributed.” James

“From a recruitment leadership point of view, there’s been less talk about remote leadership.” James

“How can we look at outcomes rather than processes and really ensure people are delivering?”  – James

“We are in a people business and it’s important to make sure we keep and attract the best people to our businesses.”


  • James Reed, Chairman, The Reed Group @James_A_Reed

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