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COMPLIANCE AND SCREENING - Make sure your processes are the best they can be

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It’s easy to do – you get caught up in the day to day running of getting the right people into the vacancies in front of you, or you chase after a new piece of business or a very keen consultant missing an important part of the process and before you know it, you’ve missed a crucial piece of compliance.

As employers become more desperate for talent and the employment industry is subject to more scrutiny the danger of working non-compliantly is on the rise.

Thankfully the recruitment industry is well served by diverse compliance expert, keen to keep every company on the straight and narrow.

From financial compliance to data, from existing and new employment legislation to effective and efficient candidate screening it is possible to deliver a compliant recruitment process which ensure every stage in the supply chain is understood and protected.

Whether you’re looking for advice for forthcoming challenges – IR35, anyone? – or in need of a check to make sure your processes are the best they can be, these are the resources you need.

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