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The temporary recruitment sector is a fast-pace high volume and frequently low margin space. December’s issue of The Global Recruiter, will include a special supplement dedicated to helping temporary recruitment companies do more.

The difference between success and failure in this part of the industry can come down to the efficiency of your back office system, the way in which you’re able to tap into talent pools and engage with the talent, and the security you provide your clients that the people they need for their business will be there when they need them.

Once established it can be a challenge to drive a business further, especially if consultants, systems and candidates are already working hard. This supplement will highlight what it takes to go from good to great in the temporary world, how to get more value from the business you’re already doing and how to get more and achieve more to expand your business.

Specialist articles will cover:

Strategy and planning: understanding where your business is, where it can go and how it can get there Systems and technology: how the back office and candidate interface can be improved and drive efficiencies for recruitment companies Growing markets: where are the hotspots now and how they can be exploited Finance: securing the funding you need to grow and sustain that growth Compliance: the possible impact of compliance on the team portray recruitment sector and how your business needs to prepare.

Wherever your business is positioned, whatever its size, if you want to make a success of the temporary recruitment market, read The Global Recruiters’ Temporary Recruitment Special in December.

Flexibility is certainly part of your benefits and reward strategy, but so too is creating a company culture that encourages, enables and recognises effort from everyone. Businesses should also be clear about the behaviours and targets expected from their workforce and there are many solutions which can offer clear and accessible ways to motivate staff on a daily basis.

From visual data solutions, the gamification of perfjoamcne measures, to a clear and flexible reward structure, today’s recruitment company has a wealth of solutions to choose from and combine that will encourage, recognise and reward their consultants. Getting this right not only leads to an engaged and productive workforce, it leads to the creation of a great employer culture, a fantastic employee value proposition and the chance to become an employer of choice.

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