Afternoon summit in Manchester promises to tech-power your business.

Digitalisation and Talent.

The Global Recruiter is bringing a ground breaking insightful afternoon summit for recruitment agency leaders and staff to Manchester a week on Thursday. 

Sponsored by Volcanic, Access and Mango Pay, Digitalisation and Talent is an opportunity for recruitment leaders to find out about the current and future use of technology in the recruitment industry, its impact on the workforce and its impact on their own business practice. More information can be found here: and to register for free and secure one of the limited places go here:

The event will be held on 17th October at NatWest, 1 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester M3 3AQ, the event will feature a keynote presentation from Stephan Sigrist, founder and head of think tank W.I.R.E. 

Sigrist, is a highly respected analyst who has looked at developments in business and society, focusing on the implications of digitisation in the life sciences sector, financial services, media, across infrastructure and mobility.

Alongside Sigrist there will be two industry panels from both sides of the fence – suppliers and agency users – investigating exactly what is currently achievable through technology in the recruitment world and what could be achievable in the future. With Q&As and the chance for open discussion and debate on the themes emerging from the day, attendees will also have the chance to get hands-on experience with the latest in recruitment technology.

Altogether the afternoon will give you the chance to explore what technologies can make a real difference for your business, where your business can be improved and how you can adapt in order to make the most from the cutting edge technologies which are emerging.

From in-house efficiencies to increased communication with your talent pool, Digitalisation and Talent will help you identify the investment you need to make to take your recruitment business forward.

To register for free and secure one of the limited places go here:

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