AI Impact on Headcount

Professionals concerned budget cuts may result in lack of investment towards manpower

Has found 50 per cent of cyber security professionals believe that AI will impact headcount within a year. In addition, 38 per cent of professionals were ‘extremely concerned’ about AI-powered attacks. In a separate poll conducted across 6 weeks in late 2023, 39 per cent of employees in Hong Kong SAR expressed concerns that their company was not embracing AI sufficiently to stay relevant. These findings have featured the recently released Hays Global Cyber Security Report 2024.

Sue Wei, managing director at Hays Greater China, commented on the report: “Cyber security experts globally are preparing for the influence of AI on their capacity to continue functioning efficiently. As criminals gain access to evolving tools that heighten their threat capacities, so too will companies need to adjust their security toolkits to respond.”

Despite the emerging threat, 14 per cent of cyber security professionals foresee budgets to be cut by over 21 per cent. Respondents were concerned about the necessary investments to headcount required for security teams to be able to respond efficiently.

“Leaders will need to plan their investments carefully in the coming year with regards to cyber security,” said Sue Wei. “It falls to leaders to ensure that there is a pipeline of talent equipped with relevant skills to face modern challenges companies can expect to see in the years to come.

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