Aligning your people and culture for recovery – lessons from Launchpad. From bp

So far in our series, we’ve discussed everything from crisis management and government policies to mental health and labour market trends. This time we are excited to have Ruth Penfold of Launchpad join us to bring a different aspect of leadership into the mix – one that’s crucial for recovery – people and culture.

So, tune in to hear all about how Launchpad:
• Adapted their approach to managing people in the light of COVID-19
• Introduced new initiatives to continue their cultural growth while being dispersed
• Approached people development (both internally and externally)
• Are planning for the future working world

You’ll hear terms like culture squad, and festival of culture, which we think will inspire you to plan your strategy as you navigate the road to recovery.

Key quotes/takeaways
“Deploying a SWAT team, a culture squad, who were our cross functional team of people who came together to cook up different ideas and ways of working that meant that we could still keep growing the culture of the new organisation that we were building, but do in a remote way.”

“Even if they’re not people that we plan to hire right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t be thinking in terms of sharing our stories, so that at such times that we are hiring, we are able to access those talented humans that we’d really like to access.”

“Human beings can sniff out lack of authenticity a mile away.”

“My approach to people development is holistic, it is from the inside out, it gives people tools, but it also invites people to go on their own journey, so that they can really level up and grow into the leaders that I know that every single person can be.”

• Ruth Penfold @ruthpenfold People Person at Launchpad. From @bp_plc

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