Alium Partners is jointly acquired as interim firms develop.

Consolidating move.

London-based company Alium Partners has been jointly acquired by Europe’s leading interim management firms, Valtus and Atreus. The transaction is an important shift toward consolidating the Globalise network, the world’s top interim management solutions consortium.

Valtus’ president Philippe Soullier commented: “The acquisition is a strategic step in the right direction for Globalise. It will enable us to further enhance our ties with our partners, and thereby strengthen the entire network.”

The event marks the first of Valtus’ external growth initiatives. “We are looking at other acquisitions and expansion opportunities to penetrate additional markets and open our network to new partners in 2019,” Soullier says.

The move is also in line with Alium Partners’ and Atreus’ individual growth strategies. Alium Partners managing partner, Nigel Peters explains: “Having solid relationships with the key members of Globalise means we can offer a truly international service. Our new owners are key players in the global arena, and we are excited about the opportunities the joint venture will bring.”

Atreus’ managing director, Harald Linné agrees: “We see unique opportunities with Alium to better meet the needs of the private equity industry in London. In addition we can leverage the Alium network to Continental Europe and support the global change initiatives and business transformation of many companies headquarted in Germany.”

The Globalise network currently generates more than €150m (£130m) in annual revenue and delivered circa 1,000 assignments in 2018.


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