Annual Leave & Holiday Pay For Temporary Workers – The Facts


Recently, the FCSA in partnership with Global Recruiter hosted a live webinar for agencies on the pressing topic of annual leave and holiday pay for temporary workers.

With guest speakers Phil Pluck, FCSA’s Chief Executive and Simon Bloch, Partner at FCSA assessor firm, JMW Solicitors LLP, if you were unable to attend, you can now watch this webinar on-demand.

What the webinar covers

The laws relating to holiday entitlement and holiday pay are not new. So why do so many employers continue this wrong, especially in the temporary labour market? Surely the law is well established enough in this area that there is no room to getting it wrong.

In this webinar, employment law and compliance experts from the FCSA demystify some of the myths and preconceptions employers of contractors may have when it comes to understanding holiday entitlement and how to correctly calculate holiday pay.

Holiday entitlement and pay demystified
Presented by Simon Bloch, Partner at FCSA assessor firm, JMW Solicitors LLP

• Accrual during the first year of employment only (thereafter, full entitlement subject to contractual restrictions)
• Holiday pay calculations – what is in and what is out?
• Normal hours of work vs no normal hours
• Rolled-up holiday pay
• Harpur Trust vs Brazel case, what impact could this have

How to protect your supply chain and contractors from holiday pay issues
Presented by FCSA Chief Executive, Phil Pluck

• Holiday pay issues that exist in the sector
• Guidance on what due diligence agencies should undertake on their supply chain partners
• What the FCSA and its members are doing to protect the supply chain and contractors

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