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SafeRec is a Technology and Consultancy Company, Partners with the REC and APSCo, that offers automated solutions to agencies to deal efficiently with their Umbrella Compliance. Whether our client is an Agency, a Managed Vendor or an End-Client/hirer, our fully automated AI-Driven Software ensures Payroll Compliance for the entire supply chain. From Umbrella to Agency PAYE, all workers’ pay is audited each week.

SafeRec Certified Umbrella Companies: Why over 3500 Agencies Are Already Converted.

In the bustling world of recruitment, the introduction of SafeRec Certification in June 2023 has been nothing short of revolutionary. With a laser focus on compliance and transparency, it's quickly become the gold standard for umbrella companies, providing a beacon of trust in the complex contingent labour market. This rigorous certification process, underpinned by real-time auditing and cross-referencing with HMRC data, offers an unparalleled level of assurance to recruitment agencies and their clients. The result? Over 3,500 agencies across the UK have already made the decisive switch to partner with SafeRec Certified Umbrella Companies.

The Importance of Payroll Software for Umbrella Companies and their Agency Clients

In the rapidly changing employment landscape, the choice of payroll software by umbrella companies stands as a pivotal decision impacting the entire recruitment ecosystem. Sebastien Sauca and Killian Fitzsimmons-Wilson highlight the critical nature of this choice, emphasising not just the operational efficiency but also the compliance and reliability it brings. This selection goes beyond mere functionality; it's about ensuring accuracy, meeting regulatory demands, and safeguarding relationships with recruitment agencies and workers alike. As recruitment agencies navigate a complex legislative framework, the software's ability to handle payroll accurately and comply with laws becomes a key factor in maintaining trust and avoiding financial or legal repercussions. The movement towards compliance-focused payroll solutions signifies a broader commitment to transparency, legal adherence, and the protection of all parties in the recruitment process, underscoring the strategic importance of payroll software in building a trustworthy recruitment infrastructure.

Repeal of IR35 Reforms: What does it mean for your Agency?

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the repeal of the 2017 (public sector) and 2021 (private sector) IR35 reforms. Contractors exulted after this announcement, but what does it mean for your Temporary Staffing Agency? Rhys Thomas, Managing Director at WTT Legal & Sebastien Sauca, CEO at SafeRec, answer key questions that many recruitment agencies have been asking since the news hit.

How to automate your Agency’s Umbrella compliance with AI and Expert Legal Advice?

SafeRec and WTT have launched a comprehensive service that combines technology and expert legal advice from a regulated law firm, to not only protect your business but also your entire supply chain, in real-time.

How Payroll/Umbrella Non-Compliance will impact your company’s valuation

If you follow news around Umbrella Companies, you know that the past 6 months have been hit by more revelations and scandals than ever before. Unlimited fines, Liability for agencies and hirers, detrimental impact to agency’s valuation… Rhys Thomas, Managing Director at WTT Group and Sebastien Sauca, CEO at SafeRec, provide insights that all Senior Managers or Business Owners must know about the impact of payroll non-compliance.
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