Bounce Back 2021

Help businesses to recover

Resourcing transformation specialist, Omni RMS has launched a comprehensive guide to help businesses recover and bounce back in 2021.

With the pandemic reinforcing the crucial need to rapidly react and respond to evolving situations, Omni’s guide focuses on how businesses can maximise agility through effective talent management and control of their talent supply.

“There’s always been an awareness of agility and its importance, but businesses now realise they must be nimble enough to adapt to whatever challenges come their way,” says Omni RMS Managing Director Martin Wainman. “Sadly, a company’s inability to operate in an agile manner will almost certainly expose vulnerabilities that could have a detrimental impact on survival.”

Rather than simply reacting quickly to situations, Omni’s guide addresses the need for employers to transform their approach to leadership, everyday operations and even attitude. Wainman continues: “Some business leaders assume that agility is achieved through technology and automation, and while it is a prominent facilitator in strategy and risk management, people are actually the key driver. As such, the workforce and talent supply chain have become critical areas of focus for all businesses.”

In the guide, the talent experts at Omni RMS explain how business owners can gain a complete understanding and take control of their talent supply, including:

  • Identifying talent strengths and gaps
  • Forecasting future skills needs in the business
  • Building a robust contingent workforce strategy
  • Developing collaborative partnerships that deliver
  • Establishing an employer brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP).





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