Bullhorn takes Erecruit in continuing move to deliver digital transformation.

Erecruit acquired.

Bullhorn has acquired Erecruit, in what has been billed as a strategic investment in Bullhorn’s vision to help staffing companies realise the promise of digital transformation in their businesses. Specifically, Bullhorn says it is excited about three strengths that the Erecruit team will provide: The first is intellectual property, which includes deep pay and bill, onboarding, and mobile candidate experience capabilities. The second is strong internal talent, comprising employees who have in-depth knowledge of the staffing industry, pay and bill processes, and large-scale pay and bill deployments. And the third is the Erecruit team’s long-standing relationships with some of the leading staffing firms in the industry and experience in addressing their diverse needs.

In the quest to integrate sales, recruiting, and finance operations, staffing companies of all sizes face numerous challenges, the primary of which centres on leveraging technology to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual data management at various stages of the recruitment lifecycle. Bullhorn has long been known for providing a single system in which recruiters and salespeople can “live”, harnessing the power of the Bullhorn partner ecosystem, and managing recruiting delivery, sales, onboarding, VMS integration, and most recently, pay and bill processes in a unified platform. With the continued proliferation of temporary labour models as an attractive solution for the global talent shortage, the time has never been better for Bullhorn to further invest in its pay and bill solutions that underlie Bullhorn One.

The acquisition of Erecruit will assist in furthering the already-significant market momentum of Bullhorn One and help the company drive greater productivity and results for customers of Bullhorn and Erecruit. Additionally, for Erecruit’s customers, becoming part of the Bullhorn family means access to $40 million in annual R&D and technical operations expenditure, a strong delivery engine and experience delivering enterprise projects at scale, continued innovation (including investments in cutting-edge artificial intelligence research and technology), and unparalleled staffing expertise developed over twenty years.

“We’re excited to welcome Erecruit’s diverse portfolio of customers into the Bullhorn family,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn. “Both companies have always shared a desire to serve the staffing and recruitment industry and help its constituents grow and achieve their business goals, and being able to do this as a collective unit is a privilege and affords a huge opportunity to advance the industry. Staffing firms face enormous pressures from investors, clients, candidates, and employees to digitise their businesses while simultaneously facing historically low unemployment. The timing has never been better for a unified team to address these challenges head-on for our customers.”

“Bullhorn’s commitment to delivering an incredible customer experience has long been an inspiration to its partners and peer technology providers to the staffing industry,” said Dominic Gallello, CEO of Erecruit, “and we’re looking forward to joining their team. We’ve always had ambitious goals that we’re eager to bring to fruition, and with Bullhorn’s resources and best practices powering us, we can deliver amazing ROI to our customers.”

Erecruit has been delivering innovative software that serves the entire recruitment lifecycle, with the goal of helping organisations of all sizes and scale grow and succeed. Erecruit’s management team, including founders Judd Hoffman and Danko Fatovic, will join Bullhorn as crucial members of the extended leadership team to support and drive success for Erecruit customers.


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