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Preparing for IR35, what agencies need to know

Amid the global pandemic that has been COVID-19, recruitment agencies in the UK have been preparing for the biggest tax reforms in recent times, IR35. The Finance Act 2020 received Royal Assent in July, bringing with it confirmation that…

IR35 Abolition

Former Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mel Stride has called for the abolition of IR35 during a Treasury Committee meeting about tax after coronavirus.

Contract Closed

We are living and working in unprecedented times – both personally and in our work. And, contractors with a limited company/Personal Service Company (PSC) will have been through more than their fair share of turbulent times recently.

HMRC Amendment Reaction

Following Wednesday’s meeting at HMRC with the IR35 Forum members to discuss IR35 Shield’s findings that an errant clause might render umbrella firms redundant, Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield said:

What is ‘Reasonable Care’?

Now that IR35 in the Private Sector has been confirmed, End-Hirers must switch their focus to ensuring compliance with the new rules and getting comfortable with the requirement to demonstrate Reasonable Care. Whilst End-Hirers have an…

Statement from FCSA

The FCSA and its members are concerned about any unintended consequences of IR35 reform legislative changes. Specifically in respect to the broader definition of an ‘intermediary’ in the contractor supply chain. The FCSA, through its…

Prepare for April 2021

Wording for the legislative changes required to make Hirers responsible for IR35 from April 2021, has been published online and there are no changes or surprises for businesses.

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