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New HMRC IR35 guidance

If you have taken short cuts in the hope that HMRC will be lenient in the short term, then now is the time to rethink that decision and ensure you make improvements prior to 6 April.

Key Information Documents misunderstood

Whilst Covid-19 saw a delay to the incoming Off-Payroll legislation until April 2021, the introduction of Key Information Documents (KIDs) did become law in April 2020, as recommended by Matthew Taylor as part of his Good Work Plan and…


As we head into 2021, whether you are a contractor, recruiter or end-hirer, the impending changes to the IR35 legislation should be a top priority as we progress towards the 6th of April.

Still not ready

A survey conducted by IR35 Shield amongst 3000+ contractors has found that more than half of UK firms that hire contractors are yet to prepare for the Off-Payroll rules which come into effect in April 2021. The survey out today, entitled…

Working Model

With the new Off-Payroll tax rules set to go ahead in April 2021, we shall undoubtedly see an increasing number of contractors working through umbrella firms.  Crawford the CEO and founder of Professional Passport, the largest independent…

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