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What you need to know about expanding to the US in 2024

Expanding operations to the United States could be a great strategic move for UK-based recruitment agencies looking for growth and new opportunities in 2024. Our...

Query and Verify Shifts with AER Temp

Need more information about a shift? Want to make sure you get paid correctly? This video talks you through how to query upcoming shifts...

Unique Features Available with AER Temp

View useful documents in the Resource and CPD Hub, learn how to go on-call, and find answers to your questions in the FAQ section! Learn...

Applying, Enquiring & Negotiating with AER Temp

Apply for shifts, enquire about details, and negotiate rates all on the AER Temp platform. Get in touch today or find out more on...

Registering your Account with AER Temp

Creating an account and uploading your mandatory documents is quick and easy through AER Temp's technology. Get set up in a matter of minutes...

Automate Communications with AER Temp

Reach candidates with over 150 configurable notification types! Learn more through the following video or contact us over on today.

Driving Engagement with AER Temp

Keep candidates interested, compliant and engaged through our unique features such as our CPD Hub and Resource Hub. Upload mandatory documents, training material and...

Data Capture with AER Temp

With AER Temp's technology, it's easy to access and utilise your data through downloading CSV files, pulling billing data, using our reporting hub, and...

Finding the Right Candidates for your Business

Filling shifts has never been easier with AER Temp's expert tech, which allows you to identify the most suitable candidates for the role within...
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