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Recession Led Innovation

The current Covid 19 pandemic has challenged business leaders in ways that previous economic downturns never could. The lockdown did two things that’ll hopefully never be experienced again by business leaders – a ripping up of normal…

Eye on the KIDs

The introduction of Key Information Documents (KID) took effect on the 6th April 2020. Although the launch of KID went slightly under the radar due to the current climate and postponement of IR35, this amendment to the conduct regulations…

Keep Talking

Voicebot technology, conversational AI, is emerging as a key technology to have an impact on how the recruitment industry attracts, engages, and enables more meaningful interactions with candidates.

Blockchain Support

Workforce solutions companies are increasingly realising the potential of blockchain technology to enhance the way in which they provide services and reduce friction in the processes of connecting people with work.

Going Back to make it Right

At The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit in early March 2020 a number of Recruitment Live discussions were held bringing together expert recruitment leaders from a wide range of businesses. In a session held in association with People Group, the…

Cyber Security Shortage

A new report from Stott and May revealed that over 76% of cyber security leaders are struggling with a cyber-security skills shortage. The executive search firm’s Cyber Security in Focus 2020 report was based on the experience of 55 leaders…

Get Planning

For business leaders, decision-making during this time feels like a roll of the dice and the idea of workforce planning is seen as an impossible dream. But, could it be part of the answer for businesses to emerge healthier and more balanced…

The Impact so Far

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the entire economy, with the recruitment sector one of the hardest hit. During the crisis, APSCo has taken every step possible to engage closely with its members, conduct research to…

Prepare to Return

Law firm Aaron & Partners has put together a list of five top tips aimed at business owners, managers and HR professionals to provide advice on returning to the workplace as the UK’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

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