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Marketing Game Changer

Marmalade Marketing, a leading growth marketing agency, announced that it is now a HubSpot solutions partner. This partnership allows Marmalade Marketing to support its clients with the full suite of HubSpot marketing and sales tools,…

ChatGPT and AI for Good Recruitment

The growing adoption and use of AI models such as ChatGPT could actually benefit recruitment firms and professionals, rather than stealing jobs according to global technology consultancy, Lorien. The company argues that while ChatGPT and…

Trans Employee Challenge

A survey from law firm Irwin Mitchell has asked business leaders and line managers if they feel confident in dealing with a grievance from a trans member of staff, or their surrounding team, about their treatment in the workplace.

Small Change

New research has revealed the UK industries that have had the smallest increase in wages, with some industries even seeing a decrease. The study by UK financial services provider CMC Markets analysed the latest release from the Office for…

This Job Stays

Research by digital identity security specialists, ID Crypt Global, has found that more than 80 per cent of people have no concern that artificial intelligence is going to replace them in the workplace. Thanks to the recent rise of Chat GPT…

Holiday Pay Win

Temporary labour market experts have welcomed the news that the government intends to reduce the administrative burden and complexity of calculating holiday pay for temporary workers, by introducing rolled-up holiday pay – a move which…

CVs Lagging Time

New research from TopCV, the world’s largest CV-writing service, has found that over half (54%) of UK professionals are updating their CV less often than experts recommend.

Wage Freeze or Fall

New research from UK financial services provider CMC Markets has revealed the UK industries that have had the smallest increase in wages, with some industries even seeing a decrease.

No Questioning of Workplace Power

A survey by leadership experts Right Management has found one in ten British workers would not question the quality of leadership in any given scenario, including when there is an abuse of power, passive aggressive behaviour,…

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