ChatGPT and AI for Good Recruitment

Tech consultancy argues AI could aid recruiters rather than stealing jobs

The growing adoption and use of AI models such as ChatGPT could actually benefit recruitment firms and professionals, rather than stealing jobs according to global technology consultancy, Lorien. The company argues that while ChatGPT and other AI models are still a significant way off being able to carry out specialised roles without human intervention, they could be utilised to create new opportunities for recruiters in the coming years.

The firm has highlighted that the use of models like ChatGPT could open up new possibilities for staffing firms to improve hiring processes, without creating job losses.

It has been suggested that AI could be used to make a number of recruitment processes more efficient through automation, therefore saving time, money and additional resources as well as enabling hirers to spend more time with candidates. It could also be leveraged to improve the wider candidate experience by enabling personalised, real-time responses to candidate requests, as well as leading to the reduction of unconscious biases.

“Currently the technology is only as good as the humans behind it – and the humans using it,” says David Gettins, managing director of Lorien UK. “Considering that our current forms of AI draw data from human-produced content, that also means it’s as flawed as those who created it. It might be misinformed, or biased, or both, and it requires human intervention to lead it in the right direction, meaning that we’re some way off from seeing jobs disappear as has been suggested in some quarters.

“However, one of the best uses of these models at the moment in their current form is that it can help to provide an improved hiring process for recruiters across the board, and we anticipate seeing greater adoption of them within the hiring sector in the coming months,” he concluded.

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