Chief financial officer top average salary rankings for 2020.

Rising to the top.

Data from Indeed suggests that chief financial officers have now climbed to the top of the salary tree and can command some of the UK’s highest annual wages. The company analysed thousands of full-time roles advertised across its platform1 to identify which are currently offering the highest average salaries.

Chief financial officers, who have responsibility for managing a company’s financial planning and reporting, can typically command an average salary of £112,666 a year. Indeed’s research found that many of the highest-paid vacancies are for senior positions such as company directors and vice president roles.

Many jobs in the top 20 require both a specialism and experience; for instance, applicants for a role as vice president of engineering would need years of practical experience to be considered. The rarity of candidates with the qualifications, expertise and experience needed to fill such senior roles clearly drives up salaries as employers compete for the best talent.

That trend is particularly acute in the healthcare sector, which accounts for nearly half (45 per cent) of the top 20 jobs with the highest annual salaries at the start of 2020.

Orthodontists are the highest paid medical professionals on the list. It can take a decade to train as an orthodontist, as it requires five years of studying dentistry, workplace training, and then an additional three years’ study to become fully qualified. However, those years of hard work eventually pay off, as orthodontists can expect an average salary just under £100,000 a year.

Dermatologists, who specialise in skincare, experts in neonatal care and rheumatologists, who treat diseases which affect the joints, all make it into the top 10. Ophthalmologists, who deal with eye disorders, finished in 10th position.


Table: The highest paying jobs in 2020

Ranking Job title Average annual salary
1 Chief financial officer £112,666
2 Vice president of sales £109,278
3 Vice president of engineering £108,623
4 Orthodontist £99,010
5 Dermatologist £93,282
6 Director of product management £92,692
7 Neonatologist £92,003
8 Rheumatologist £91,724
9 Ophthalmologist £91,704
10 Director of catering £91,578
11 Nephrologist £91,521
12 Plastic surgeon £90,922
13 Senior director £90,059
14 Paediatrician £89,723
15 Anesthesiologist £89,501
16 Managing director £88,101
17 Unit director £86,727
18 Vice president of finance £86,517
19 Tax director £85,742
20 Director of construction £85,148


“Gaining advanced skills and experience has long been a powerful way to boost your earning power – and this snapshot of the best-paying vacancies currently being advertised on Indeed shows it holds as true as ever,” said Bill Richards, UK managing director Indeed. “What is striking is just how much the medical profession dominates our top 20 best-paying roles. Such high salaries suggest that the supply of qualified candidates isn’t keeping up with demand, leading employers to pay more in order to win the battle for talent.

“With many specialist healthcare employees working long hours under intense pressure, and potentially making life-or-death decisions in the process, such high salaries may be seen as a just reward for their hard work and expertise.”

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