Collaboration leads Birmingham-based recruitment leaders to generate £250K.

On song.

The recruitment industry is often seen to be very competitive, with agencies hiding their clients and unwilling to share successes, apart boasting about their turnover. In fact, if you search ‘Cross collaboration recruitment agencies’ online, you’ll find next to nothing! However, the Recruitment Canaries is bucking the trend on this.

A collaboration scheme between recruitment businesses which began in 201 has generated £250K of busness. Initially two recruitment agency MD’s Matt Collingwood and Dalvinder Shoker set up the scheme due to the growing number of start-ups and SME recruitment businesses in the West Midlands. They felt there was a real opportunity to put some structure around their network and ultimately share successes instead of shrouding them in secrecy.

Since then, the Recruitment Canaries has gone from strength to strength, gaining 67 recruitment agencies as members and hosting two conferences for 100+ recruitment leaders. In addition to opportunities to share knowledge, the Recruitment Canaries has provided 200 hours of training from the UK’s key recruitment trainers, saved £70,000 by sharing/ buying resources in bulk and generated £250K in total for members by sharing clients and offering a more holistic approach to recruitment.

“The recruitment industry can feel like a lonely place for recruitment leaders, but since starting the Recruitment Canaries, I’ve only had positive feedback from members who have saved their businesses money and time by simply being willing to share their knowledge. Collaboration should be celebrated, it shouldn’t be a dirty word,” said Matt Collingwood

Dalvinder Shoker added: “We believe that the Recruitment Canaries is changing the recruitment industry for the better – offering local recruitment agencies access to training, insightful events and an experienced group of people, all for the price of sharing knowledge. We hope that the Recruitment Canaries will become an example to the recruitment industry of why agencies should be open to collaboration.”

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