Concerns Ignored

Off-Payroll to go ahead in 2021

More debate on the amendment to Off-Payroll took place in Parliament yesterday. Commenting, Dave Chaplin, Director of The Stop The Off-Payroll Tax Campaign, said: “Despite the best efforts by Tory MP David Davis to introduce an amendment at this stage of the Finance Bill process, delaying the Off-Payroll legislation for a further 2 years, the Bill will now proceed to Committee Stage.

“It signals an entrenched and tin-eared approach by a Government that is failing to listen to the people, failing to heed the damning findings expressed by the Lords in its recent report, and failing to listen to the legitimate concerns of the senior members of its own Party.   To bulldoze ahead with this damaging legislation at a time of national crisis beggars belief.  The Government should be supporting businesses right now, not hampering them and, in turn, inflicting harm on the entire UK economy.

“Pressure is now building as we head to the Committee and Report Stages of the Finance Bill and we will be continuing to campaign on behalf of the UK’s contractors and freelancers to prevent the legislation entering statute in its current form.”


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