Digital natives: tech knowledge gives young jobseekers the edge.

Primed for success.

Online smartphone retailer e2save has studied the attitudes of the so-called ‘digital natives’ of Generation Z towards careers in the tech industry. Growing up surrounded by technology in almost every aspect of their lives, it’s no surprise that young people are beginning to be drawn to careers in industries which rely heavily on technology.

Research has found that among 15-20 year olds, technology was the most popular future career choice for young men, whilst both creative design and technology are two of the top five preferred career choices for young women. The research also revealed that 16-year-olds are more likely to want to work in technology roles versus any other age group.

Moreover, studies have also shown that children as young as nine are already thinking about a career in technology, with nearly half (49 per cent) saying that they are actively seeking a career in developing future tech.

Toby Levy, GM at BrighterBox North, says: “We live in a tech-based world; from the touch of a button you can order a taxi to your door, restaurant quality food to your couch and even hand-made food for your dog. These brands are disruptive, and this is what graduates are now looking for.

“Millennials have grown up with a good grasp of tech, but those classed as ‘Gen Z’ are more than just tech savvy; they have grown up with tech as a central part of their life.

“Whilst the desired skills section of a job spec used to include Microsoft Word and Excel, employers are now looking at far more technically-proficient candidates,” he adds. “Being able to use Microsoft Office is now essential rather than a bonus, so coding skills and a more advanced grasp of technology can help candidates differentiate themselves.”

James McDonagh, EMEA director at Nigel Frank International, also comments: “This new generation is more tech-savvy than any other in history. They were born in a world with smartphones and tablets and so using tech is instinctive to them.

“A career working with the latest innovations isn’t something that phases them. They’ve grown up in an age of rapid innovation, they’re used to picking up new things every few years, and to many of them, it’s exciting. Working in technology is becoming less about choosing a career that is purely financially rewarding, and more about spending a life working with something you have a genuine passion for.”

McDonagh continues: “On top of that, every working sector is adapting to and joining the digital revolution, meaning that the demand for highly skilled IT professionals isn’t just growing, but will be sustained in the long term. Working in technology is a stable career choice, which is another big reason so many young people are choosing it.”


The top three referred tech careers

The following careers to be the most popular among school leavers:


  1. Computer game developer:

The most popular career among boys (37 per cent), and the fourth (12 per cent) most popular among girls. Today, many children play computer games in their spare time, therefore, it’s perhaps not surprising that this choice of career was so popular.


2.              Design:

Fashion designer (13 per cent) and graphic designer (13 per cent) were revealed as the most popular future career choices for girls. Technology plays a key role in the design process in both industries, allowing young people to get creative!


3.              Tech developer:

Boys on the other hand showed a love of tech development, with app developer (17 per cent) and web developer (15 per cent) featured within the top three career choices. Perhaps showing a desire to contribute to the future development of something that has given them hours of enjoyment is the main reason for this.


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