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REC view on Compliance

We used a major and recent government consultation on umbrellas to reiterate our long-held view that regulation of the umbrella market is needed to help workers, and better tackle tax non-compliance. And we left policymakers in little doubt that umbrella company regulation is long overdue, and any further delay would be wholly unnecessary.

The Era of Digital Compliance

Currently the UK has one of the slowest and most convoluted recruitment processes globally, this is due to outdated procedures and legislation surrounding recruitment and pre-employment checks. The recruitment operations need to speed up, without compromising safety – utilising digital platforms, and other technologies is crucial to achieve this. 

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Marketing evolution

Marmalade Marketing, a leading growth marketing specialist agency, has announced a transformative rebrand that reflects its evolution. The rebrand comes with a fresh visual identity, along with new, tailored services and a revised value proposition. The agency's revitalised brand communicates its core values and unique position in the market as growth…

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