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Facilitating best outcomes for recruitment start-ups

The pandemic has changed the recruitment landscape. The global health crisis and the ensuing nationwide lockdowns naturally impacted businesses. But the UK jobs market and the recruiting sector worked diligently to power through in 2021. Not an easy feat in these times. As many recruitment start-ups appeared in the market, Voyager recruitment software was delighted to play an integral part in their progress and success.

Rise of the entrepreneurial spirit and recruitment start-ups

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of any economy. In 2021, they provided an indispensable stimulus for the UK economy – driving growth and pushing boundaries.

When the coronavirus outbreak hit the recruitment industry hard in 2020, many recruiters were furloughed or made redundant. But as the economy attempted a return to the status quo ante and businesses started hiring again, skilled recruiters were back in demand from recruitment firms.

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But many recruiters had other ideas. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit decided to strike out on their own.

And, in order to thrive, they utilised the best recruiting software systems available.

As the economy slowly embarked on a positive revival, recruitment start-ups capitalised on businesses’ needs for talent and growth to make a success out of their ventures. There was a surge in job vacancies and a growing demand for skilled candidates. Experienced recruiters understood that investment in smart recruitment tools and systems was not only pragmatic but critical to their start-up’s success. Having the right infrastructure in place to support their business growth must be a high priority.

Engaging the right tools to optimise hiring

Nothing beats a smart recruitment CRM software when it comes to helping recruiters excel in their work. It might give the impression of a cog in the machine of a well-oiled recruitment agency. In fact, when recruiters meet a suitable recruitment software platform, it enables them to easily practice key hiring strategies.

Old hiring practices have given way to new recruiting challenges – remote recruitment, candidate shortages, talent demands, etc.

Running a business comes complete with challenges. But with the best recruitment software to do all the heavy lifting work, the one-person recruitment start-up or a small team of recruiters can focus on what truly matters. Finding the perfect candidate for the job.

See Voyager recruitment CRM software in action. Book a free demo.

Recruitment has invariably been about talent. Efficient and effective hiring means bringing the right kind of talent to the opportunity at the right time.

It takes smart recruiters to understand that leveraging recruitment agency software brings a respite from the drudgery of admin work. Automation makes the hiring process simpler, transforming the way recruiters work. Whether it is candidate sourcing, applicant screening or enhancing communication, a recruitment CRM’s automation features get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Investing in the right tools presents recruiters with the opportunity to focus on more high-value activities instead of tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Voyager Infinity – in support of recruitment start-ups

At Voyager, we are proud to support hundreds of recruitment agency start-ups committed to “less admin more placements” way of recruiting .

Our Infinity CRM advocates for modern hiring practices, supporting remote recruitment and virtual new-hire onboarding. It is the perfect CRM platform for a recruitment start-up focused on both permanent and temporary recruiting.

Infinity is affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable. It integrates flawlessly with leading industry recruiting tools such as MS Office 365, Legalesign, Timesheet Portal, CV-Library, and ISV.Online. All these critical, efficiency-boosting tools help to expedite the hiring process.

Top talent sourcing, applicant assessment, easy team collaboration, checking candidate compliance, streamlined communication – Infinity helps recruitment start-ups mitigate costly and onerous admin processes at a reasonable cost. This way recruiters can focus exclusively on high value-added tasks to aid their growing business.

These integrations are incredibly time-saving. And in recruitment, time is critical as the smallest difference can mean placing high-calibre candidates in roles before the competition. A recruitment business model is typically based on the conditional fee agreement. Recruiters generate income when they find and place skilled candidates for hiring companies.

Recruiters can anticipate substantive improvement in their quality of hire using our recruitment software.

See Voyager recruitment CRM software in action. Book a free demo.

Striving for happy customers

There is more to a good recruitment database software than simply meeting some fundamental features.

Voyager places a significant emphasis on robust communication and post-implementation care. We take our client support very seriously. Excellent customer care is a long-term commitment.

It is not enough to train and onboard new users only to disappear once customers seem settled. Our customers can always expect a quick turnaround time as well as access to expert and friendly tech support.

This is paramount for recruitment agency start-ups that want to consistently offer excellent recruiting services to expand their business. A seemingly insignificant tech issue can lead to business loss if it’s not resolved on time. We are mindful of this and strive to be the partner our customers deserve.

Make the most of our outstanding recruitment software and knowledgeable consultants. Your recruitment business is in good hands with us.

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