From handling furlough arrangements to automating payroll – how to remove the pressure for your team

Everything is moving fast, and it’s hard to know what to focus on

We’re all under the cosh right now. Everything is moving fast, and it’s hard to know what to focus on when government regulations and rulings could change in the next news update. Everyone wants their business to be proactive, to be able to anticipate the changes that may come into place today, tomorrow or further down the line.

You may be now looking at how you can ensure your payroll team is using their time effectively and how you can free then up from arduous, time-consuming admin tasks. Here are two ways we’re helping many of our recruitment customers right now to relieve some of that pressure off their shoulders.

A more flexible approach to Pay and Bill – keeping cash flowing whilst handling legislation

With our recruitment customers under far more pressure than usual, we’re committed to ensuring they’re still supported and able to keep the all-important cash flowing, even if operating with a reduced team. Many have opted for our managed Pay and Bill service which can handle payroll, billing and credit control. We have a team of CIPP-qualified recruitment payroll experts that consistently deliver accurate and fast candidate pay and client billing – ensuring candidate payments are never missed whilst cash is collected swiftly.

Whether you processes 200 or 3000 timesheets, we work with recruitment businesses of all sizes, and you’ll have the flexibility to scale up and down in line with your business’s needs. You’ll gain ROI firstly by not having to utilise trained internal resources that are dedicated to processing payroll, but also not having the additional headache and financial cost when their workload must be covered if they are on annual leave or maybe have to take time off due to sickness.

This service also means our clients don’t have to worry about keeping up to speed and managing reports and payments to the HMRC. With the constantly changing legislations right now with new options for extensions and delays it can be hard to keep track. We also help with the set up, recording and tracking of furlough arrangements which so many are dealing with right now given how hard recruiters have been impacted under the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

For any new customers we can set up Access Pay and Bill Services in a matter of days to instantly relieve your teams pressure, give visibility of performance and provide peace of mind that legislation changes are handled automatically. If you want to find out more about this service, read some of the frequently asked questions we get.

Save 25% of your team’s time by automating your payroll process

The recruitment industry has seen an increased adoption of new and more efficient ways to manage operations and processes to not only improve the bottom line but improve the value of service provided to clients and candidates. Whilst technology should not be a cause for anxiety for recruiters, as it will always need the human touch there are many jobs that can be automated to improve efficiency and free up more time to spend with clients and candidates.

In anticipation of how the recruitment industry has evolved and how we can further help our clients, we recently released Automation the latest module to be added to our existing Pay and Bill product.

Alongside many other benefits of having automated payroll software it gives your team the power to schedule actions for timed triggering of key Pay and Bill processes, while also creating event-driven triggers. But the real cream of the crop is that you can connect all your key processes in any combination, at any time, to achieve your specific business’s goals. You could effectively replicate your business’s current payroll process, except your system will do it all automatically for you. And with its own App available on our workspace platform you can easily monitor your payroll progress from anywhere, at any time.

But perhaps the most powerful results clients are seeing are the reduced navigation around the payroll system (previous actions that would have taken 70 clicks have been reduced to just one) and the time saved on man hours. For example, one customer who processes an average of 8,000 timesheets a week is saving at least 25% of worker hours by automating payroll. And, for larger customers processing more timesheets, the savings will be significantly higher.

Whether you need help with a more flexible outsourced pay and bill recruitment service or are looking to automate your processes, get in touch to speak to one of our payroll experts or hear how we’ve helped Urban Recruitment Group improve their payroll accuracy and efficiency.

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